Application Process

The Admissions Committee reviews and accepts applications of suitable candidates. As soon as the Advanced Management Program dates are posted on our website, participants may apply. Once the review process begins, the Admissions Committee carefully evaluates each of the application and admits qualified candidates.

Admission Process

The Admissions Committee takes into account candidate’s organizational level; management experience, particularly in senior management; and future responsibilities, and assembles qualified individuals who are senior-level decision-makers representing a wide range of backgrounds. Although there are no formal educational requirements for AMP, proficiency in written and spoken English is essential for completing course assignments and engaging in fast-moving discussions. If English is the applicant’s second language or if he or she has less than one year’s experience working in an English speaking environment, a brief statement documenting proficiency in English is required. A telephonic/Skype or personal interview also will be required as part of the admissions process.