BSE Institute Ltd emerges as a clear cut winner with its major force and credibility being its faculty. Most of our faculty members are amongst the reputed practitioners from the industry who have several years of experience. They are subject matter experts in their respective fields, and facilitate lively discussions, allowing participants to share their insights and experiences with the class.

They address complex real life questions, leading to the creation of knowledge and ideas. This vastly advances the domain of financial markets and prepares students to be thoughtful and effective leaders.

BSE follows a long tradition of practice-oriented research and teaching that has a profound and far-reaching impact on business and management education. They help our learners innovate in business practice, gain radical thinking and give them an opportunity to influence and use the evolving concepts.

The Program would be delivered by the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow faculty as well. The teaching from the IIML is composed of distinguished academicians, skilled educators, researchers who have actual business experience to engage and enhance participant skills in senior executive education. For more details,
Refer www.iiml.ac.in

Our faculties are:

Business Leaders

Business leaders have always been at the pinnacle of development everywhere in the world. They have the ability to influence a company's management to set and achieve challenging goals, take swift and decisive action, outperform the competition and inspire others to perform well. They have in-depth knowledge of best business practices and have the experience of actually running a successful business. The learning they provide through their experiences can make a lot of difference for a professional. They have the ability to pin-point critical areas and develop intricate managerial skills in the students which help them in the long run.

Domain Experts

Domain experts have always been important to any business as they are an absolute authority on a given area. They form the backbone of our faculty and are perfect people to solve any issues in the related subjects. Candidates gain immense knowledge from the domain experts.

Start-up Founders

Start-up founders have the experience of building a business from ground level. They have lived it and survived to reach heights which most people can only imagine. Business intricacies, both small and large, have all been experienced and conquered by them. Not only they provide the candidates with a plethora of problems occurring in a business that only a few others can, but they also provide their own innovative ways towards solving problems occurring in varied management areas.


Innovators have the ability to identify the key issues in any business and come up with creative solutions to tackle these issues. They have a unique set of problem solving skills that only a few other people can boast of. They help the candidates build the much needed innovative skills and out-of-the-box thinking.