FAQ Page

What is AMP?

A highly integrated and fully immersive program, Advanced Management Program (AMP) is structured to spur self-reflection, innovation, and collaboration on multiple levels. The Advanced Management Program is built on an Integrated Module Approach incorporating action learning methodologies which are further divided into multiple modules. These methodologies reflect real business challenges, directly derived from the imperatives of business strategy.
AMP is a life-altering and career-changing program designed to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

What is the USP of the course for participants?

This program is the best that a participant can join, as it gives much advantage to them:

  • You get access to join the program anytime during the year.
  • It gives a student a modular approach with 12 core modules and 4 day prefatory.
  • Very convenient for a working individual as the lectures will be conducted only during the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.
  • Learner will be able to gain more insights through real case studies and explorations, your assumptions are challenged and you gain new perspectives.

How will The Advance Management Program help me?

BIL has 28 years of experience in imparting financial markets training to professionals, individual investors and participants; from India and other parts of the world. Our faculty pool and course designers comprise the best talents from the industry with vast experience in the field.

AMP provides flexibility to the students to join the program anytime during the year. AMP is an exclusive and transformative program that guides leaders in honing their leadership capabilities. The result is an optimal learning environment, with a diverse participant cohort for better peer learning, and a global, lifelong network of trusted peers. Through a fully immersive format, AMP will forever change the way you and your company do business.

What is the admission process for AMP program?

In order to apply for the program, candidate must send their updated resume. Post which the selection committee will be evaluating the resume and will update the candidate on their application status.

What is the program duration?

AMP is a 4 semester program with a main introductory spread across 1 year.

I have no prior work experience. Am I still eligible?

Candidates applying for AMP should have a minimum 5 years of work experience.

What if I’m unable to complete the course within a year?

Your enrolment will remain valid for one year subject to payment of full course fees. However, you may extend it to the second year in case of any backlogs or missed examinations.

What if I don’t pay instalment on time?

A nominal fine of Rs 2000 will be levied after 7 days grace period along with instalment amount.

Will I get any study materials to refer?

Yes, books will be delivered to you on payment of full fees and online links will also be mailed to you.

Can I download the online sessions?

Download right is not available due to IPR issue.

When will I get the certificate?

You will be given a certificate after successful completion of the program.

Will AMP be a University recognized program?

AMP is an industry designed autonomous program and not affiliated to any recognized University / AICTE etc. BSE Institute Limited reserves all the rights to make change whatsoever with regards to the program.

Will i be able to join AMP during the last quarter of the year?

Yes, you can join during any quarter of the year.

Will full payment of fee carry any discount?

No, there will be no discount on fees.

Can I pay fee in instalments?

Yes. Instalment Details will be provided to you when requested.

Are there any charges for the application?

No, you can download the application form and mail it to us along with your updated CV.

Will I be eligible for any discount, on being a AMP participant from BSE Institute Limited, for any of the other courses offered by BSE Institute Limited?

There are no such offers available currently for any AMP participant.

Can I cancel my candidature after fee payment? How much amount will I be refunded? Can I transfer my fee to some other program?

Fees paid for the program is non-refundable / Non transferrable