Advance Management Program (AMP) - From IIM Lucknow

β€œLet our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

The Advance Management Program is a specialized program designed specifically to accelerate the personal and professional growth of the participants. Through a fully immersive format, AMP will forever change the way you and your company do business.

Leaders are expected to design extensive and intensive strategies in order to put their organizations ahead of the competition. This requires calculated, intelligent, and pertinent judgments and a deep analysis of market facts and tendencies. With a backdrop of beautiful campus, IIM-Lucknow campus is set in a serene environment that not only provides an excellent ambience for the academic endeavors but also provides an opportunity to unwind.

IIM Lucknow has broken new ground in being the first IIM to start an additional campus in the country. Situated at the outskirts of the historic and culturally rich city of Lucknow, IIM-Lucknow campus is an ideal setting conducive to learning.

IIML strives to provide an optimal learning environment, with a diverse participant cohort with superior peer learning. It also bestows an opportunity to form a global and lifelong network of trusted peers. IIML undertakes a diverse range of academic activities and interventions aimed at creation, dissemination and application of management knowledge and practices.