Late Dr. Ajit Prasad
IIM Lucknow

Message from Director - IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow is among the best business schools in India and globally as well. We believe that the fundamentals of IIM Lucknow's accomplishment are certain underlying ideologies that ensure its continued pivotal position. By joining hands with BSE institute we feel, that we could bring about a great learning experience for the leaders from various fields. They would be benefitted by a focused and closer look at the subjects that impact their career along with hands-on exposure to real-time use cases.

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) in collaboration with BSE Institute Limited creates a class of elite and proven business leaders who are just one or two steps away from the pinnacle of the management hierarchy. Managing in today’s dynamic and competitive environment calls for two critical capabilities from business managers - the need to be functionally competent in a global context and the ability to set and drive organizational agenda for growth and performance and helm to draw up strategies for global success.

The AMP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Development of skill sets, knowledge and perspectives to lead organizations to an exceptional performance and value creation.
  • Train them with abilities to lead organizations and take on general management and corporate level responsibilities.
  • Help them to enhance skills to create and develop teams, translate the vision into distinct goals, and motivate people to achieve these goals.