About AMP

Program Objective

• To enable business leaders harness and exploit the speed of change.
• To foster learning on real-time business dynamics, economic challenges and opportunities, global trends, and market shifts.
• Provide the participants with an opportunity to enhance & grow capabilities as a business leader.


Participant should have at least 3 years of total work experience. The participant should hold a Sr. Executive or Managerial designation in their respective domain.

Program Curriculum

The Program curriculum is built on Integrated Module Approach incorporating action learning methodologies which is further divided into multiple modules/ perspectives.

These methodologies reflect real business challenges, directly derived from the imperatives of business strategy & focuses on different aspects of management.

The course is designed for 240 hours of teaching, with 2 modules of 60 hours (10 days) each at IIM Lucknow campus.

Course consists of following topics:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Economics for strategic Behavior
  • Leading People and Organizations
  • Operations Excellence
  • Uncertainty, Data and Judgment
  • Quantitative Modeling in Finance
  • Price and Markets
  • Social Inclusiveness
  • Financial Markets
  • Adoption of Innovations
  • Customer Driven Marketing
  • Corporate Expansion – Organic & Inorganic
  • Formation & Implementation of Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • International Political Analysis
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Decision Sciences
  • Data Analytics

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