About AMP

Who Is Right For The Program

Advanced Management Program brings together an elite group of proven business leaders - mid level to senior level executives who hold leadership positions and have been identified by their organizations as key to the company’s succession plan. Ideal candidates include members of executive committees, heads of major business units, senior heads of functions and senior members of the operating group.

Integrated Module Methodology

Advanced Management Program is built on an Integrated Module Approach incorporating action learning methodologies. The teaching methodologies encompass real business challenges, directly derived from the imperatives of business strategy.

With your organization counting on the decisions that you make, what you need is a judgement that is calculated, intellectual, relevant and apt. Advanced Management Progamme is an exclusive and transformative Program that guides leaders in honing their leadership capabilities.

The end result of this Program is rich learning experience. AMP is a career advancing Program designed to accelerate your personal and professional growth. Through a fully immersive format, Advanced Management Progamme will change the way you and your company do business.